Course Curriculum

    1. It's Time to Level Up!

    2. A message from your Host

    3. Before we begin...

    4. How to use this course

    1. Phishing

    2. Artificial Intelligence and Phishing

    3. Case Study 1: Office 365 Phishing Attempt

    4. Case Study 2: Phishing Attack

    5. Phishing Chapter Summary

    6. Test your learning

    1. Spear Phishing

    2. A Brief Diversion

    3. Vishing

    4. Quishing

    5. Voice Cloning

    6. Spear Phishing/Vishing Quiz

    1. Ransomware

    2. Test your learning

    1. Passwords

    2. Multi-Factor Authentication

    3. Case Study 3: The Uber 2022 Breach - "Multi-Factor Authentication Fatigue"

    4. Test your learning

    1. Physical/Visual Access in the Office

    2. Physical/Visual Access Remote Work

    3. Test your learning

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Director of Sales and Marketing Kelly Paletta

Kelly Paletta holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration - Accounting from the University of Arizona. He is director of sales and marketing at EXP Technical, but does his best to avoid "selling" during these training sessions. For more information, visit Kelly's LinkedIn profile. Feel free to connect there.

CEO, Managing Principal Tony Lesirge

Tony has 20+ years of valuable IT experience and a BA (Honors) Degree in Computing & Information Systems. He’s held leadership roles in IT consulting, cloud services delivery, and prior to joining EXP, he served as Director of IT at a national healthcare company. Tony is passionate about building the systems and processes that enable and empower our EXPerts to deliver impeccable service to our clients. He’s also a Certified Scrum Master, which, shockingly, has nothing to do with rugby.